Finding the Best Vacuum For Stairs

 Homeowners that have a fear of lugging around a bulky vacuum cleaner to their stairs will be glad to breathe a sigh of relief once more as they learn what the best vacuum for stairs actually is. They now can turn to the best vacuum for carpets and stairs, the Shark Pro-Tek Shark Lift Chair Vacuum. 

When you are in a home or apartment, there is a lot to deal with when it comes to carpet cleaning. This task can be intimidating, even for those with carpentry skills. It is not uncommon for many a carpet cleaning specialist to be brought in when carpet cleaning is needed because of the number of stairs that the home has. There are a number of methods and products that are used to clean stairs. 

Many carpet cleaning equipment companies will make a recommendation to use an upright vacuum on stairs. While this may be a more efficient method of carpet cleaning on stairs, it will still require the home owner to lug around the vacuum to the stairs on a regular basis. Most staircases are carpeted with thick carpeting and therefore are difficult to vacuum using an upright vacuum. Most vacuums for stairs will need to be mounted onto the wall or a ladder in order to work well. This equipment can be extremely expensive and may not always be available to those living in apartments and other smaller homes. Be sure to learn more today! 

The Shark Pro-Tek Shark Lift Chair Vacuum from this link is designed specifically for use on carpeted stairs. This unit can be placed under a table or counter top to eliminate the need to lug the vacuum up and down stairs or over the floor. The vacuum will come with a carrying handle that is designed to allow for easy travel, no matter where the unit is set to be placed. 

There are a number of different models of vacuum cleaners that are made for stairs. The Shark Pro-Tek vacuum comes in two different models that are specially designed to work on carpeted stairs. There is a model that is meant for regular carpet and then a model that is designed for those with hardwood floors. Both models have a wide toothed brush for the task of cleaning stairs. The unit has an air powered pump to push the dirt and debris up and down stairs. 

The vacuums are designed for the homeowner to be able to easily vacuum the stairs on their own, eliminating the need for any extra assistance. while they are still maintaining the carpet clean. No longer will homeowners have to lug around a vacuum cleaner, not that is impossible for some people anyway, but they now can use their vacuum on carpets and stairs. Visit this website at for more info about vacuums.